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Appellate Law

If a court granted you, your business, or the company you represent an inadequate award, dismissed your case, or issued an overly harsh penalty, we may be able to help you realize a better outcome. Or if you want an appellate court to uphold a favorable decision, verdict, or judgment, we can represent you there, as well. Either way, we help you appeal your case from a position of strength and integrity.

  • Whether it’s a criminal or civil matter, we scrutinize lower court proceedings and identify appealable errors

  • We handle appeals promptly, efficiently, and skillfully, giving the appellate courts what they need to decide whether errors had an impact on the result or made your trial unfair

  • We pull from a deep well of resources, knowledge, and experience to evaluate your case, the facts in the record, and the relevant case law

  • We thoroughly research and craft the best possible appellate brief and file it in the appropriate appeals court

We handle a number of different appeals, including:

  • Criminal Appeals – If you believe an error was committed by the lower court, prosecuting attorney, or defense attorney at any time during the proceedings of your trial, you may be able to file a criminal appeal, even if you pled guilty.

  • Family Appeals – Divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, paternity, and support issues are difficult and confusing issues for any family. If you’re dissatisfied with a court determination in your Family or Supreme Court matter, you may have the right to appeal the decision and outcome.

What’s an Appeal?

In general, here’s what you need to know about an appeal:

  • An appeal is a challenge of an earlier decision that’s presented to a higher court for review

  • Appeals generally are based on procedural errors that take place at the trial level

  • The appellate courts review the rulings of law to decide whether these errors had an impact on the result or made the trial unfair

  • Note that the appellate courts review only the legal aspects of a case; they don’t reopen the facts of a case already found by the lower court

  • Appellate courts won’t consider legal arguments that weren’t mentioned or weren’t objected to, by counsel at the lower court level

  • The appellate court will only grant relief if the erroneous ruling was harmful to the outcome

We can help you file an appeal if the results of a trial aren’t satisfactory to you or your company or if you want an appellate court to uphold a favorable decision, verdict, or judgment. We fight for fairness, standing beside you every step of the way.

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